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Do you want to bring gender parity into your company? Are you trying to hire underrepresented women in your industry? How can you do your part to make sure your organization is gender-forward?

Let our team of experts bring your organization or company into the 21st Century!


Team Building Activities

Utah Women Unite offers half-day team building activities ranging from 20-200 people. We have had success customizing our activities to your specific program objectives while making the training fun, interactive, and memorable. All of our activities are designed to improve communication, understand the value of diversity, and highlight unique voices on your team, that might otherwise get lost. 


Small Group Workshops

We offer half and full day small group workshops and training exercises designed to build consensus, problem solve, and prioritize. We specialize in outcomes related to increased diversity and female recruitment and leadership with actionable next steps. All of our small group workshops are tailored to your specific event success metrics and we pride ourselves on our unique 3-Step process of: ethnographic research, interactive challenges, and change management follow through. 


Large Group Workshops and Large Scale Events 

Utah Women Unite specializes in large scale events and rally's. We have successfully planned events for groups ranging from 500-10,000. Our large group workshops and large scale events take a lot of planning and preparation and are designed to increase the contribution and leadership of women and underrepresented populations at your company. We customize each experience to meet your unique KPI's.