Utah Women Unite

Who We Are


Our Values Statement

Utah Women Unite exists to protect and advance the rights of all Utah women, girls, marginalized, and non-binary people in all communities. This specifically includes Utahns from marginalized groups, including women of color, LGTBQIA+ individuals, women of all abilities and socioeconomic statuses. In many measurable ways, Utah is the worst state in the nation for women. We unite to make our collective voices heard. We unite to elevate the status of Utah’s women. We unite to address political, legal and cultural problems faced by women in Utah.

Who are we?

Who are we? What is our plan? How can you get involved? Watch this video and join us at Utah Women Unite on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest actions. 

Key Issues We Fight For

Racial justice
Gender wage gap (larger for women of color in Utah)
Access to healthcare
Reproductive justice
Sexual assault prevention
Violence against women, including domestic violence
Education of women & girls
Comprehensive sex education
Trans+ rights
Environment, specifically:
    Air quality
    Climate change
    Public Lands
Human Trafficking
Immigration & supporting Utah’s immigrant population

Our Core Values

Intersectional feminism & transfeminism
Unwavering advocacy for women’s rights
Promoting female leadership
Consciousness raising
Anti-sexual assault, pro-bodily autonomy
Centering the voices of marginalized women